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Ukraine Help - GNLC-Refugee help

In view of the current situation of people who have fled Ukraine, the Society for Neurolinguistic Coaching GNLC has launched the project "Ulkraine Help". The association wants to offer psychological support to these fled people with the prospect of staying in a German-speaking country to help them cope with their new life situation. The offer is stress management coaching to process past experiences and to build courage, confidence and determination for a future-affirming life plan. The offer serves the purpose of "empowerment", it is not psychotherapy and can neither replace psychotherapy nor any necessary medical treatment. Over the last 20 years, the wingwave coaching method has proven to be a highly effective and above all anxiety-reducing anti-stress method for particularly stressful, externally influenced experiences.

The coaching offered by GNLC Refugee Aid comprises one to two sessions of 50 minutes each. The client always decides for himself or herself which issues concern him or her the most in order to be able to rebuild a supporting inner balance for shaping his or her future.

The topics of this Coaching could, for example, be:

  • Distressing or life-threatening experiences in the native country or during the escape
  • Concern for the people or incidents in the native country
  • Homesickness, pain of loss
  • Difficult situations upon arrival in Germany, such as, conditions in the camps
  • Humanly difficult situations with authorities, officials and other refugees etc.
  • Future topics: learning a new language, looking for work, children going to a new school,  new neighborhood
  • Desires and goals, which the clients want to achieve


More information can be found here:

Information for Clients and Organisations

Charity projects: wingwave and NLC coaches are getting involved in charity campaigns!

Within the framework of the GNLC association, it is possible for all wingwave coaches to become involved in our charity projects. We would like to inform you about our charity projects - after all, wingwave is there for all people who want to develop their potential and shape their quality of life in a creative and positive way. Even if you are not a trained wingwave coach or not a member of the association, you can support these charity projects by making a donation - we would appreciate it very much! The association's funds are also used to support coaching research projects, the results of which are then used as the basis for the charity projects. You can take part in and/or support the following charity activities:

  • Happy Pupil - wingwave Pupil Help, Charity Coaching for pupils.
  • "Ukraine Help" for displaced people with the prospect of staying in Ukraine
  • Being in Touch - Charity Coaching as self-coaching help for flood-affected people

All participating coaches can be found in the Coachfinder on! We are very pleased that our charity campaigns are being used so actively and are very happy to have already supported many people with wingwave coaching together!

About the society


The NLC Society was founded in 2014 out of the Society Bahnungsmomente e.V. The aim of the methodological society is scientific research of the methods in the field of Short-term Coaching so as to ensure a high standard of quality. 

Training and continuous education

A key component of Neuro Linguistic Coaching is the Myostatic test which is already being researched at the German Sport University Cologne. This serves the Coach as a compass in the coaching process, thus leading to a faster result - that is the “Shortcut to Solution”, in which the test uses the “Vita Language" of a person as the Coaching Tool. The NLC Master Trainers offer to all the professional Coaches two advanced training opportunities on the topics of “Myostatic Test and Vita Language”:

  • There is a two-day NLC Basic Training on the topic of “Myostatic Test to interact with the Vita Language”, so that the trainees could combine their methods with the effectiveness of the test procedure. The certification is called NLC Practitioner. The Master Trainer awards a certificate bearing the seal of the Society.
  • Alternatively - or even additionally –, for professional Coaches, there is a four-day training to become a wingwave Coach. Upon completion, the participants could get themselves listed as the NLC Master Coach on the homepage of our Society - depending upon the scope of the entire training background. 
Coach Finder

To find a certified NLC Coach or a training institute near you, you could use our Coach Finder. It comprises a list of NLC Coaches and NLC Master Coaches who have undergone training and continuing education in accordance with the guidelines of the NLC Society, and will undergo continuous advance training in order to maintain the standard of quality of their work at a high and up-to-date level. In the Coach Finder, you will find not only Coaches, but also the training institutes where you can attend the two-day NLC Basic Training to become an NLC Practitioner.


It is important for us to publish the results of the researches, to support research projects and to provide information. Here, you will find a selection of interesting results of the research projects related to all the aspects of the field of Neuro Linguistic Coaching. We will continue to supplement these over the course of time in order to offer a sound basis. Our basic book on NLC was published in the autumn of 2015 by Junfermann Verlag under the title: “Neurolinguistisches Coaching - Sprache wirkt Wunder! [Neuro Linguistic Coaching - Language works Wonders!” and is now available in the bookstores!

A mighty flame follows a tiny spark. Dante Alighieri

Our Vision

The Shortcut to the Solution

We wish that in our performance-oriented society, more people could, in the hour of need, show and feel what they have learned and what they are capable of. For this purpose, we develop and disseminate under our motto “Language works Wonders” effective Coaching and Self-coaching Concepts, which, proven by their effectiveness, act with very little effort, in a timely manner and with a focused impact to

  • reduce performance stress,
  • promote motivation,
  • to let positive emotions flow
  • and to increase th equality of life subjectively and objectively.

Our vision is that every pupil, trainee, student, employee, executive, self-employed person, sportsperson and artist is aware of these opportunities and that, one day, they are adequately offered in schools, training places, universities, businesses, arts and in sports and are, quite naturally, interweaved into the performance and preparations of examinations. A large number of people will get such great opportunities for their individual self-realization, for a positive quality of life, for resourceful hours at the place of work and for the preservation of their mental and physical health.

About Neuro Linguistic Coaching

What is NLC?

Neuro Linguistic Coaching describes the applied know-how of the high emotional and individually specific degree of efficiency of words and statements on our acts and our bodily experience.

Our Coaching Compass

The well-researched Myostatic test is a tool to maintain the path to the solution in the Short-term Coaching Process, and thus is the “Shortcut to Solution”. 

Short-term Coaching through precision

The precision in the selection of the topic and specific coaching process allows NLC a minimum coaching of approximately three to five hours on each topic for a maximum and sustainable coaching benefit.  

Studies and science

Within the scope of the wingwave coaching method, GNLC has already supported a series of research projects in the past for the scientific examination of the wingwave method. Furthermore, the Society collects interesting studies on Neuro Linguistics and the emotional impact of words. A selection of interesting results of the research projects can be found here:


Because of this distinctive feature of the Short-term Coaching, for example, the method of wingwave Coaching was also nominated in 2014 by the British Association for Business Psychology for the award in the field of Innovative Coaching Methods. 

Excellence in Coaching”: In May 2014, the NLP-based wingwave method was awarded by the abp (Association for Business Psychology) in London a Coaching Trophy for the “Excellence in Coaching”

wingwave was nominated for the award of this British association, and made it to the top three finalists – among top level competitors with concepts from Unilever, Jaguar, McDonalds etc. 

Membership in the Society

Objectives of the Society

The objective of the Society is the promotion of science and research, as well as vocational training. The purpose of the Society is also to raise funds and forward them to the legal entities under the public law and other tax-privileged corporate bodies. The Society “Neuro Linguistisches Coaching - NLC” regards itself as a methodological society, and has made it its mission to promote, in an interdisciplinary manner, various short-term coaching methods, both in terms of specific topics, as well as in the expanded scope of application, and to incorporate these into its concepts. Thereby, it’s about the realization of the research projects, establishment of quality criteria and quality assurance in the execution of Short-term Coaching – above all, also within the scope of appropriate advanced trainings and training curricula. 

Among other things, the objectives are: 

  • Research and further development of Coaching methods in collaboration and exchange of experience with universities or other public institutions, as well as private sector institutions, inter alia, in terms of their effectiveness, sustainability, efficiency and compliance with the ethical standards.
  • Development and presentation of the methodological transparency for the interested persons and the public.
  • Research and development of opportunities in the optimization and improvement of mental performance in the mentally challenging performance areas.


The Society is composed of ordinary and honorary members. Any natural or legal person, who possesses a corresponding qualification as a Coach and can prove it by means of enclosed documents, can become the ordinary or honorary member of the Society. The Board will exclusively and finally decide by a simple majority on the recognition of the submitted certification and the subsequent acceptance agreement. The acceptance is at the discretion of the Board and shall be effected upon written request.
Moreover, the member shall accept the Statutes and the Code of Ethics of the Society. 

The ordinary members are certified by our Society as NLC Coaches or NLC Master Coaches. This is done after an examination of the corresponding qualification by the Society. 

You can access the corresponding membership application by clicking on the image on the right. 

NLC Coach

If you want to become an ordinary member of our Society, you must possess, at least, the following qualifications in order to be certified as an NLC Coach:  

1. Training as a wingwave-Coach

2. A Coach training with, at least, 130 hours of basic training (which takes place over a course of, at least, one year) on the following topics:

  • Definition of “Coaching as a service” (also included in the wingwave training)
  • Definition of Coaching and Psychotherapy (also included in the wingwave training)
  • Drafting of contract with the Coachee (also included in the wingwave training)
  • Goal-oriented discussion
  • Client-centric discussion
  • Experience-activating discussion, such as, for example, “Hypnosis Tools“ or “Milton Model”
  • The sensory channels as the area of experience in language, thought and action
  • Basic knowledge on the topic of “brain utilization“
  • Successful thinking strategies
  • Emotional Coaching: Stress Model and Stress Management
  • Introduction to the “System model of the personality ” – Working with personality traits
  • Introduction to the systemic work with groups, couples and teams

Additional requirements:

  • Minimum age: 25 years
  • A completed vocational training or a part-time training, which is suitable for the Coaching activity, such as, for example, sports instructor, choir leader etc.
  • Obligation to undergo advanced training to maintain the certificate

To maintain the status, four days of NLC training with recognised NLC trainers are required over a period of 5 years, at least two of which must be face-to-face (alternatively, two years of membership in the qualification circle and one in-depth seminar in face-to-face). For recertification, we ask you to proactively send us proof of the training days.

By participating in the wingwave quality circle, the participation in the convention or the obligation to undergo advanced training on the online platform shall be evaluated as one day of advanced training.

NLC Master Coach

As a certified NLC Master Coach, you are also an ordinary member of the NLC Society. The NLC Master Coach must have the following quality standards, which are requisite for a certification: 

1. Training criteria in case of an NLC Coach (160 hours, including, wingwave)
2. Coaching Master in-depth topics, at least, 130 hours, on, for example, the following topics:

  • Performance potential in business context
  • Interventions for a precise and systemic membership and performance culture
  • Supporting of creativity processes
  • The system model of personality for the business context
  • Team Coaching
  • Change processes
  • Organizational coaching
  • Risk management and occupational health and safety
  • Test method


  • Basic knowledge of ICD 10: F codes and Z codes
  • Advanced knowledge on the distinction between the health coaching and psychotherapy
  • Preservation and promotion of individual performance capability
  • Stress management at work
  • Health and belief system
  • Embodiment and positive thoughts management
  • Imagination method
  • Intervention of self-coaching concepts for a self-effective health management
  • The system model of personality in the health context
  • Neuropsychology and brain research
  • Promotion of resilience and the intervention of coping strategies
  • Performance-sustaining communication for systems
  • Sports motivation
  • Interdisciplinary health concepts


other topics, which are reviewed by the NLC Board upon request.

Additional requirements:

  • Minimum age: 27 years
  • Academic degree or
  • Vocational qualification with, at least, three years of professional experience, including managing functions and/or independent project management
  • Advanced training obligation to maintain the certificate

To maintain the status, four days of NLC training with recognised NLC trainers are required over a period of 5 years, at least two of which must be face-to-face (alternatively, two years of membership in the qualification circle and one in-depth seminar in face-to-face). For recertification, we ask you to proactively send us proof of the training days.

By participating in the wingwave quality circle, the participation in the convention or the obligation to undergo advanced training on the online platform shall be evaluated as one day of advanced training.

Board of Directors

Harry Siegmund


Cora Besser-Siegmund


Lola Ananda Siegmund


NLC Training Institutes

The Network for NLC Coaches