GNLC-Refugee aid for the displaced people with a perspective to stay

Information for clients and organizations

In view of the current refugee situation, the Society for Neuro Linguistic Coaching GNLC has launched a project, which is called “GNLC Refugee Aid”. The Society would like to provide to the displaced people, who have a perspective to remain in a German speaking country, emotional support to cope with their new living situation. The offer is to provide a Stress Management Coaching to process the past experiences and to develop courage, confidence and determination for the future-affirming life plan. The offer serves for the “empowerment”, it is not psychotherapy, and can neither supersede psychotherapy, nor a necessary medical treatment. The method wingwave Coaching has proven in the past 15 years as a very well effective and, above all, fear-reducing anti-stress method in case of particularly distressing extraneously affecting experiences, corresponding results of the researches are available.

Together with a number of Coaches trained in this method, who would like to voluntarily engage in the German-speaking region, the non-profit Society offers a free-of-charge Coaching to the refugees. Either the refugee client has a command over the English language or we will try together to arrange a translator. In any case, the effect of the Coaching unfolds through a targeted use of the native language of the respective client. 

The topics of this Coaching could, for example, be:

  • Distressing or life-threatening experiences in the native country or during the escape
  • Concern for the people or incidents in the native country
  • Homesickness, pain of loss
  • Difficult situations upon arrival in Germany, such as, conditions in the camps
  • Humanly difficult situations with authorities, officials and other refugees etc.
  • Future topics: learning a new language, looking for work, children going to a new school,  new neighborhood
  • Desires and goals, which the clients want to achieve

The applied method wingwave Coaching was developed by psychologists and certified psychotherapists Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund and has already proven itself over many years. The method is effective in any language. The effectiveness and sustainability have been studied and proven in numerous studies, wingwave ranks amongst the best researched coaching methods. An important element of the method of wingwave Coaching is the use of a so-called REM phases (Rapid Eye Movement), which would otherwise take place in the dream phases of our sleep – they are imitated in a quasi-awake state. In these phases, in which the eyes move rapidly back and forth, the events and information of the day are processed – the two halves of the brain work particularly intensively together. Because sometimes, it may happen that a particular experience cannot be processed on its own in the REM sleep phase, and thus “gets stuck” in the client's stress memory and blocks him repeatedly or restricts the power sources, such as, confidence and creativity. This is the point where wingwave comes in: to “catch up” on the information processing, and to enable the interaction between both halves of the brain, the REM phases are induced by “waving” in front of the eyes of the client in an awaken state.

This not only results in a clearly noticeable reduction of stress, but also in an increase of emotional balance and creativity. The consciously applied “awake REM phases” may thus lead to using the soothing “clean-up process”, which otherwise takes place at night, in a targeted manner. In case of many people, this approach acts as an effective help so as to be able to feel better again after stressful experiences and to confidently look to the future.

In wingwave Coaching, using a very well researched Muscle Test (Myostatic test), we examine precisely as to which experience could be a stressor – above all, on the basis of words and sentences in the native language, which the Coach and the translator review together with the client. In this test, the subject holds the thumb and the index finger together, and the Coach tries to open this ring. Studies have shown that the muscle strength reduces as soon as a person feels psychological stress. Now, when the client thinks of a stress-pruned situation or a negative emotion, this ring can be opened easily – if the client thinks of something positive, he can hold it together without excessive efforts, if the Coach pulls it.

The Coaching offered by the GNLC-Refugee Aid comprises of one to two sessions of 50 minutes each. The clients shall himself/herself determine as to what topics concern him/her the most in order to reestablish a supportive inner balance so as to be able to shape his or her future.

To find the volunteering Coaches:

1. Refer to the list of the Members of GNLC on its Homepage

2. Go to the website click on Coach-Finder and enter the following search functions:

    • Search phrase: GNLC-Refugee Aid

    • In “Zip Code” enter the first two numbers of the Zip Code concerned

    • Then click on “Search”

    • Now, – if available in this area – the contact details of the voluntary wingwave Coaches will be displayed