Musical performance after wingwave coaching

Iglesias Monrós, Berta (2018). Los entresijos de la interpretación musical. Análisis de la capacitad de rendimiento escénico del intérprete musical con la aplicación de coaching wingwave: Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceu.

Within her final dissertation, Berta Iglesias Monrós examined the stage performance of 27 musicians before and after having a wingwave coaching. Results show an increase in stage performance and in the musicians' emotional state as well as a decrease in pulse rate beats per minute.

The experimental sample consisted of 27 subjects; 7 of which are men and 20 women. They are between 18 and 52 years old. The average age is 30,5. All of them are musicians and they play one of the following instruments: flute (2), oboe (2), clarinet, bassoon, alto saxopohone, trumpet (2), horn (3), euphonium, violin (4), viola (2), cello (2), piano (3), guitar and voice.

In the light of the results obtained in this research, we can resolve that there is a whole world of emotions behind a stage performance. When these emotions are balanced (by wingwave coaching), they become the entrails of an ideal performance and let te technique acquired bright for itself.