wingwave - With a feeling to perform better!

Besser-Siegmund, C. u. (2013). Mit Freude läufts besser - durch wingwave positive Emotionen fördern und Leistung steigern [With joy everything gets better - promote positive emotions and enhance performance through wingwave]. Paderborn: Junfermann-Verlag.

In this book, Marco Rathschlag scientifically substantiates that athletes, who are prepared with positive emotional management for their performance, achieve better results. Cora Besser-Siegmund demonstrated with him that this approach also works well at the workplace or in the private sphere of life.

“Emotions cause perceptible and medically measurable resonance, which can be read from our heartbeat, muscle tone, vascular reactions, metabolism, body temperature and even from the size of our pupils – to name just a few examples. As a trigger for a targeted performance capacity, they often overlap the so-called “expertise”. Emotions can inhibit and block, even though all the abilities to achieve the target are theoretically present. But they can also lend you wings and move mountains. So that, above all, positive emotions are the key to a successful performance”

Using numerous examples, this book shows how positive emotions could be communicated in a targeted manner, and what an inspiring effect they have on the human beings. In addition, the combination of wingwave is conveyed with various resource-strengthening NLP formats.